Mr Normal seeking Bass Player and DJ..


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Nu Metal band requires a Bass player. Writing our own songs, with our own style. Would prefer a Female Bass player, but are open to options as we are more keen to have a heap of fun writing and Jamming…. We are open to Bass players influence on our sound, its all about the music, and we have no time for ego’s….. Mr Normal was around in the mid nineties playing parties, and generally having a good time….. and now its time for a take two…… So if you have a flare for the Bass Guitar, like Nu Metal, Rap, Metal etc, then get in contact with us, come have a jam, and lets see what happens……….. We are also interested in a DJ as well, for a few ideas we have, so any aspiring Nu Metal DJ’s that want to be part of a band would be welcome to contact Robbo and Adz as well……. We have a jamming space and are ready to write songs and jam……..